What top comics say about Monkey Business


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Here are some comments about Monkey Business from the acts.


HARRY Hill  I really enjoy performing at Monkey Business because Martin Besserman runs

  a friendly very well run club. Keep up the good work Martin.




Russell Howard  I have had some great gigs at the excellent Monkey Business comedy club


Noel Fielding I always have a good time gigging at Monkey Business.I look forward to returning.


Lee Mack " Martin Besserman has a smashing club.It is allways a pleasure to perform there.



Stewart Lee     Monkey Business is a very nice club.I have had some really nice gigs there .



Russell Brand   I like playing your club Martin . Well done to you and Monkey Business.


Jimmy Carr  Monkey Business is a really fantastic club.Very friendly,and rather perfect.


Dara O Brien   I loved my two Monkey Business gigs .Many thanks for having me Martin.




   Dave Gorman  I loved  performing at Monkey Business.



  Chris  Addison     Monkey Business is a wonderful comedy club. It is the best comedy club in London infact.



Rich Hall  Monkey Business is a cool club run very well by Martin Besserman.



Richard Herring Monkey Business is a smashing club. Well done



Sean Hughs   I had a lovely time doing the Monkey Business gig.



Reginald D Hunter      Monkey Business rates high as one of my more favourite clubs                                               


Lucy Porter I always have a wonderful time playing at Monkey Business.




Patrick Kielty    Monkey Business is a lovely club,and I very much enjoyed performing there. Many thanks Martin for having me .



Omid Djalili    I thoroughly enjoyed performing at Monkey Business. It is an excellent club.




Howard Marks Aka Mr Nice  Hey Martin I really enjoyed it at Monkey Business,but

hands off my daughter . I am not stoned right now.



Rhod GilbertMonkey Business  is a very enjoyable club to perform at.


Patrick Monahan   I love Monkey Business .Give me a hug Martin.



Adam Hills I thoroughly enjoyed performing at Monkey Business.It is an excellent club.



Alan Carr     Monkey Business is fun fun fun. I really enjoyed performing at Martin Besserman`s wonderful club




Michael Mcintyre Martin Besserman puts on great shows at Monkey Business.

He has booked me a few times in the past,and I love his Monkey Business club




Brendon Burns  Monkey Business is my kind of gig.




Shappie Khorsandi   in a full page write up in Time Out magazine in 2006 says that Monkey Business is her favourite club for being so cosy,& intimate.



MILTON JONES  " Monkey Business is a really lovely club . I always have a nice time there  .Your audiences really appreciate comedy .




       Greg Davies  star of The Inbetweeners  Monkey Business is a very interesting club ,and I would be happy to perform there again



Ed Byrne   I really enjoyed performing at Monkey Business. Martin Besserman runs a great club



Magnus  Betner 

 one of the most fun shows I’ve ever done. Lovely club, lovely crowd

and I had so much fun I didn’t wanna leave.



Mark Steele  Martin you operate a lovely club and it has been a real pleasure performing at Monkey Business



Stephen Merchant  I have had some great times performing at Monkey Business .Martin Besserman runs an amazing gig.




Gina Yashere     I really love your club Martin




Isy Sutty " Martin Besserman runs a lovely club



Scott Capurro 

I love performing at Monkey Business



Dwight Slade . I really enjoyed performing at Monkey Business.



Mark Thomas  Many thanks for having me.It was a great gig, and I`d  love to play at Monkey Business again.



Nina Conti Monkey Business is a fantastic club.They were lovely


Simon Amstell "Never Mind the buzzcocks" .

I feel nostalgic about my two very enjoyable gigs at Monkey Business.





Tim Vine Monkey Business is a

lovely friendly club.



 Jon Culshaw  (Britain`s top impressionist star of Dead Ringers.

 "Monkey Business is a great comedy club"




Monkey Business comedy club puts on top shows .I strongly recommend the club.




Steven K Amos   I love Martin Besserman`s Monkey Business Club



 Frankie Boyle 

" I really enjoyed my night

at The Monkey Business Comedy Club.



 Simon Brodkin aka Lee Nelson

 Martin Besserman puts on smashing shows .I allways enjoy my Monkey Business gigs." Thanks Martin you are very special.




Marcus Brigstoke "What a nice room to perfom in,and they were a smashing audience.Monkey Business gets a big thumbs up from me



Russell Kane Monkey Business is a nice little club .



Jack Whitehall  " Monkey Business is a really lovely club and well worth supporting.

I loved every moment of all my gigs there



Will Smith I always enjoy my gigs at Martin Besserman`s smashing club .



Magnus Betner 

"I really had fun performing at Monkey Business



Rob Broderick  from ABANDOMAN


Hi Martin,I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for last night’s show. James and I enjoyed ourselves so much, and met some lovely people both during and after the show.  It was a great night, we're really looking forward to our next gig with you. All the best Rob (and James)




Alex Zane I love gigging at Monkey Business .




Tom Wrigglesworth    Monkey Business provides a very good setting for performance. 




Loretta Maine   /Pippa Evans  Monkey Business is a fantastic club.

Jeff Green  Monkey Business is a great club.


Jerry Springer  (chat show king)

Martin ,You certainly entertained me at Speakers corner twice now,I will consider your offer to present a future Monkey Business show next time I return to London.