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Links & your chance to appear on TV



Put on 1 August 2013


Application Form for The Taste
The Taste will see TV cook and bestselling author, Nigella Lawson and her fellow judges,  American chef Anthony Bourdain and French chef Ludo Lefebvre, battle it out to find the The Taste's first British winner.To be considered as a contestant please complete this form and submit. When you have finished please email a recent picture of yourself (and if possible pictures of your cooking) to 
* RequiredDATA PROTECTION / PRIVACYThe personal information given by you in this form shall be processed fairly and lawfully and solely for the purpose of determining your suitability as a contestant on The Taste.  We may disclose your personal information to any member of our group of companies, the commissioning broadcaster of the programme, our employees, officers, agents and contractors insofar as reasonably necessary for the purposes of the production.  In addition, we may disclose your personal information to the extent required to do so by law and/or in connection with our legal rights.
Except as provided for above, we will not provide your information to third parties. youName and Surname * Age * Date of birth * Occupation * Address * Home telephone number Mobile number * Email address * What is your current living situation? *Tick all that apply  Single Married Living with partner Have children at home Own home Shared house or flat Living with parents Other: Captionless ImageYour cooking experience and skillsWhen did you first start cooking? * What are your earliest memories of cooking? * Who or what are your greatest cooking influences and why? * How would you describe your cooking style? * What types of food excite you? * Where do you get your recipes from? * What is your greatest cooking achievement? * Do you have any cooking accolades / won any competitions? * What is your signature dish? *This can be a sweet or savoury dish. Briefly describe how you make it and how it tastes. What makes your cooking stand out? * Why do you want to take part in The Taste? * What unique skills do you think you would bring to the competition? * What would winning The Taste mean to you? * Your culinary historyThe competition is open to people regardless of their experience, but we would like to know a little about what you have done so far.Have you had any culinary training? *Either professionally or as a hobby Do you currently hold a job that is related to food or catering in any way? *Give details Have you ever cooked professionally? *If so when and for how long? How would you rate your skill level as a cook / chef? *Give details What is the hardest culinary situation you have been in? * Do you have any culinary ambitions? *Give details Where do you see yourself in 5 years time, and what would you be doing? * A little more about youWhat are your hobbies (other than cooking)? * What has been your greatest achievement in life so far? * What has been the most difficult thing in your life so far? * Do you have any allergies we should be aware of? * Have you been on a TV show before? *Please give details Are you currently applying for any other TV shows? *Please give details Would you be able to travel to London for the filming? *It would involve overnight stays in a hotel Would you be able to take time off from work or other commitments in October for the filming? *Please state any limitations to your availability AuditionsWe will be meeting people in various locations around the country in August / SeptemberWhat would be your 1st choice of audition location? * What would be your 2nd choice of audition location? * DeclarationsI am over 18 years of age *  Yes NoI am a permanent resident of the UK *  Yes NoNeither I, nor any member of my immediate family (spouse, parents, children, grandchildren, grandparents or siblings) is an employee of, or contracted to CPL Productions, Channel 4 or Pinewood Studios *  Agreed Not AgreedI have never been cautioned or convicted of any offence relating to children, young people or vulnerable adultsCRB checks will be conducted later  AgreedI have never been subject to any disciplinary action or sanction relating to children, young people or vulnerable adultsThis means if your name is on the Sex Offenders Register or you are otherwise known to the Police or any Local Authority Social Services Department, or any employer, as being an actual or potential risk to children, young people or vulnerable adults.  AgreedIf you are unable to make these declarations please inform us here Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? *  Yes NoHave you ever been cautioned for a criminal offence? *  Yes NoI declare the information given is true and accurate *  Agreed Not AgreedIf would help us if you could say how you heard about The TastePlease identify any publication, advertisement or website if possible 
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put on 29 May 2013

Jamie Oliver in conjunction with  Monkey business are looking for applicants for a new TV show
An exciting new primetime Channel 4 show is looking for people who regularly forget about food in their fridge resulting in unnecessary waste! Do you and your partner argue about the money spent on food that repeatedly gets binned? Perhaps you live with someone who buys too much food or obsesses over use by dates? Is food waste becoming a point of contention in your home? If so, this is your chance to change the wasting ways of your household. If you wish to take part, then please get in touch by emailing us with your name and contact number: applicants@freshone.tvThank you!




PUT ON 4 JULY 2012

We are looking for young people between the ages of 18-30  from all walks of life to answer a series of general knowledge questions for a new Tv show .We are looking for men and women from various backgrounds and professions to take part in some fun filming as part of a brand new show! Filming will take place at the end of July to early August in London, Bristol, Birmingham, and Manchester. We are looking for a large number of people to be involved, so I was hoping you might be able to help us to spread the word. Filming should take no more than 20 minutes. I would really appreciate it if you might be happy to forward on this information to any of your colleagues or friends. Anyone that would like to find out some more can  e-mail me directly or call me on the number below. Many Thanks in advance Toral Toral DavdaAssistant Producer
40 ChurchwayLondonNW1 1LWTel. 0207 874 6667 |


PUT ON 25 June 2012

RICHARD HAMMOND’SSECRET SERVICE EndemolUK are making a brand new hidden camera show for BBC1 and are looking for fun-loving people from all walks of life to nominate their friends or family. If you have a top secret mission for Richard Hammond and his Secret Service we want to hear from you. ·       Is your Dad getting too grumpy and you want him to lighten up? ·       Is your sister always pulling pranks on you and you want to get your own back? ·       Or how about that friend who is taking life a little too seriously at the moment? ·       Is there someone you want to amaze with a ‘secretly’ learned skill? ·       Do you have an extremely house proud Mum or Dad who might need to loosen up? It could be any reason at all and don’t worry, we want the show to have a heart-warming feel so we’re not going to be too cruel!Email: secretservice@endemoluk.comCall: 0333 577 7755(Calls charged at local rates. Calls from mobiles may be higher.)



DOG OWNERS WANTED FOR ITV 2 put on May 2 2012

We’re putting out a dog whistle to the 8 million UK dog owners and their pooches – from Labradoodles to Lurchers, perfectly preened to superbly scruffy, everything in between and beyond. We want to include dogs of all types – mongrels, rare breeds, cross-breeds, whatever! All shapes and sizes are welcome but it’s not lovely looks alone that will crown our furry favourite because personality and star quality will need to shine through too! Prized pets will go head-to-head through a series of special modelling challenges and feature weekly eliminations by our panel of judges who will analyse the hounds’ hottest headshots and eliminate the weakest performer, ultimately leading to one lucky dog being crowned the country's Top Dog Model and possibly becoming the new face of a major brand. We will be holding our first auditions in EARLY JUNE, so any help you can provide us in spreading the word about our search for potential pooches and their owners would be very much appreciated. I’d be most grateful if you could circulate the details in this flyer (attached) to your colleagues, customers and possibly your own friends and family etc… we really want to get the word about the amazing opportunity to as many dog owners as possible… should you have any other outlets – eg. Websites, intranets, noticeboards etc please feel free to circulate. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more information. If you would like an application form yourself please email



PUT ON Frid24 Feb 2012


Ladies... are you stuck in a style rut?

   Have you lost confidence in your looks?

Men... does your partner need a makeover? 

Could YOU help her look and feel amazing again?

With the help of our experts, the man in your life could transform your wardrobe and put the spark back into your relationship!

 If this sounds like you get in touch ASAP, you could be in with a chance of getting top styling tips and the opportunity to get a new wardrobe worth thousands!

Both parties must be happy to be involved in the show in order to proceed further. Filming will take place from the end of March, if you want to get involved please apply now! E-mail or call us on 0207 8746675



put on Jan 5 2012


new Channel 5 restaurant show

An exciting new Channel 5 television series which is currently in production.  The series, which features one of the UK’s most renowned chefs, focuses on independent restaurants from all over the country.

 We are currently looking for couples who run a restaurant to take part in this brand new competition, designed to test their culinary skills and teamwork! 

 The pairs can work together in anything from a restaurant to a cafe, gastro pub, hotel restaurant, bistro, curry house or anything in between.  It could be that one half of the couple is the chef and the other runs front of house – if they have a working relationship which is hard to beat, then we want to hear from them!  

 Alex Genn-Bash Channel 5. Email:  Tel:         0207 308 5454




put on 15.11 11

Alan Carr’s New Year Specstacular is a New Year Eve special for Channel 4.
Alan Carr is ringing in the New Year with his very own spectacular party. He will be joined by a host of celebrity friends, including JLS, Jonathan Ross, Micky Flanagan and many more familiar faces.

Alan wants everyone, including you, to celebrate with stand-up, music, chat, party games, sketches and even a bit of a boogie.

If you have a funny story to share about 2011 – about the good times and the bad – or you just need to get something off your chest before the year draws to a close, please get in touch with us now

put on Oct 14 2011


ITV1’s hit show, Dinner Date is back and looking for more single people!

Are you single?

If you want to meet gorgeous women or

men over great food then we want to talk to


We’re looking for single men and women over the age of 25 who enjoy good food, good company and are up for a laugh. What’s more you don’t have to be a top chef to take part!

If you would like to find out more please email your name, age, location and telephone number to:

Or call 020 7184 6742

Follow Dinner Date on Twitter. Click here: @itvdinnerdate

Or on facebook:



 put on 16 Aug 2011



  Have you always wanted to try something new and challenge yourself, but never had the confidence - would you consider yourself to be extremely shy? Do you find it difficult talking in front of large audiences and would prefer to be in the background - has this held you back? Maybe you’ve dreamed of doing something life changing, but never had the opportunity? NOW is your time to step in to the spotlight!

 We are looking for ordinary members of the public who will be bold enough to take on trained professionals at their own game, for a BIG new Entertainment show for BBC one. They’ll attempt to convince us all that they have been doing their act for years...when actually it will have only been a matter of weeks.

 If you want the opportunity to take part in a life changing challenge for a big new TV show, then we want to hear from YOU!

 If this is YOU or you want to nominate someone you know for the CHALLENGE OF THEIR LIFE then get in touch NOW for a chance to take part and WIN A PRIZE!

Email us on

 put on 15 Aug 2011

Exciting new TV show needs your

Christmas kitchen calamities!

We want your home video footage!!!

Fresh One Productions are looking for hilarious home video

footage of your Christmas day disasters

for a seasonal Channel 4 film

Get in touch now…

We want to hear all about it… whether you fought for hours to fit the oversized turkey into your oven on Christmas day, or poisoned your in-laws because of an undercooked turkey, perhaps you’re one of the four million households whose cooker broke down at that crucial moment, or perhaps you cooked the dinner to the point of inedibility – Whatever the mishap we want to hear all about it … From the funny to the tragic, and the stressful to the very familiar.  We want to see your home footage.

Our programme will compile these wonderful cookery cock-ups before showing us all how to avoid them forever more.


Share your magic moments with us...


Switchboard: 020 3375 5099



put on 11th Aug 2011


Sky1 are looking for budding comedians to take part in a brand new prime time show, where a quick turn can win you big money.

This time, there’s no phone voting or a dreaded judging panel to give you a ‘no’ or buzz you off – You just have to impress the studio audience.

The most popular act will be voted the show winner and receive a whopping £25,000. Not bad for 100 seconds! There’s no returning later down the line for a high pressured series final – It’s a simple big money win every time.

E-mail us at and we will contact you with an application form.

All applicants must be 18 and over

put on 4 Aug 2011

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Soap special

We are currently producing a new Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Soap Star Special and are searching for some outgoing confident fans who would like to show off their passion on screen for their favourite soap. 

Are you the UK’s biggest soap fan? Have you never taken a holiday for fear of missing your favourite show? Do you have a dog called Ken Barlow? Or a daughter called Emma Dale? Are you crazy for soap memorabilia? Or have you remodelled your living room into a Queen Vic replica?! 

We are looking for the UK’s biggest soap fans to tell us their stories for a Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Soap Star special.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, we would love to hear from you! Send your stories now to:" or telephone 0207 908 5014.

 put on 27 July 2011



Have you always wanted to try something new and challenge yourself, but never had the confidence? OR maybe you’ve dreamed of doing something life changing, but never had the opportunity? NOW is your time!


We are looking for ordinary members of the public who will be bold enough to take on trained professionals at their own game, for a BIG new Entertainment show for BBC one. They’ll attempt to convince us all that they have been doing their act for years...when actually it will have only been a matter of weeks.

If you want the opportunity to take part in a life changing challenge for a big new TV show, then we want to hear from YOU!

If this is YOU or you want to nominate someone you know for the CHALLENGE OF THEIR LIFE then get in touch NOW for a chance to take part and WIN A PRIZE!

Email us on

PUT ON 16 jULY 2011

A brand new TV show for SKY ATLANTIC…

Six Stangers  



We’re looking for confident, outspoken and charismatic guests to come together and dine at The Devil’s Dinner table. You’ll need charm and tenacity to stave off the competition and be voted the favourite guest - only the most popular diner will leave the table with the prize money...

Over delicious food and fine wine you’ll play a psychological game of the Devil’s devising, answering revealing questions and using your intuition to judge your fellow diners…The better your instincts, the more money you’ll earn!

It’ll be a hell of a time…

If you’re 18 or over and would like more information and an application form please email:

Find us on Twitter (/devils_dinner) and search for The Devil’s Dinner Party on Facebook

We’re casting now so contact us ASAP to be considered

(closing date: 7th October 2011)