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Sentimental look back 2008






Saturday 8 January 2008 

 Nina Conti

Spencer Brown

& Paul Foot got our first show of the year off to a


flying start. 

Everyone had a nice time.


Thursday 17 January 2008

 Tim vine  

 top televison personality dropped in at our new act

 tonight to try out some new material tonight.

Tim was lots of fun. 


Monday 21 January 2008

 Noel Fielding 

performed his first gig  tonight for about a year at the Comedy Store, 

 to help raise money for saving the Rhino.Noel was in fantastic

  form allthough he told in the dressing room  after that he felt a bit rusty.

The exciting news is that Noel has invited me to call him this week

to put  in some Monkey Business dates .


it comes off because its been two years since

 Noel Fielding last played the club.


Thursday 14 February 2008 Our New Act night 

was really busy tonight for our Valentines special.

I have Left a few messages now for Noel Fielding

but he has not got back to me as yet.I guess that other projects

 are keeping him busy at present.


Saturday 16 February 2008 Some of the cast of 

Channel 4s hit series Holly Oaks enjoyed our show

 at The Steeles tonight.


Saturday 1 March 2008

 The Noise Next Door


Sketch group brought the housedown tonight.

Holli Dillon

 Beautiful top model 19 year old

 Holli Dillon from Canterbury, 

who is in the Miss Top Model UK

 2008 grand final in April ,enjoyed a great night

 of laughter at Monkey Business recently.



Saturday 15 March 2008 

A very nice evening with entertainment

provided by

 Sean Lock


doing a secret gig, Dwight Slade 

Chris McCausland,and Alfie Brown. Audience feedback was that it was an excellent night.



Saturday 29 March 2008

  Tim vine

   brought the house

down with his off the wall performance tonight,

and so did Hal Cruttenden who gave a super energetic

 account of himself.Newcomer Colin Owens was quite impressive too



Saturday 12 April 2008 A woman wanted everyone to  know

 that she was having a really really really great night laughing very

loudly even in the unfunny bits .It wasn`t

 a ha ha ha,or a he he he oh dear me sort of laugh.It was more

 a rather dreadful EE EE EE EE Agarrah.(I should point out that

the above photo is not the woman in question)




Saturday 19 April 2008 A Wonderful night of entertainment

 enjoyed by a number of people from ITV AND BBC broadcasting among the audience .

The acts included Shappi Korsandi , Will Smith,

and newcomer Vikki Stone.



Sunday 20 April 2008  Harry Hill  won two BAFTAS tonight.

Well done to Harry.

 It could not have happened to a funnier or nicer person.

Thursday 24 April 2008 Harry Hill


 thoroughly enjoyed performing

at Monkey Business tonight to a very warm and wonderful crowd, which included a

 couple who had driven all the way from Windemere as a surprise 40th birthday present

from one man to his wife. She didn't know what it was until they walked into the club,

and was over the moon about it.


Harry Hill performing at The Monkey Business comedy club on Thursday 24 April 2008

This photo of two smiley customers who enjoyed the gig

was actually taken by Harry Hill himself


Saturday 3 May 2008 Another fantastic night with six acts on the bill which included performances from

Milton Jones  and manic Ian Cognito.  


Saturday 17 May 2008

Scott Capurro

  Scott Capurro, one of Britains most controversial

stand ups certainly didn't let punters down tonight as the bitchy

gay comic threw a glass of water over an Eastern European 

woman who had called him a f***ing queer . After an exchange

of insults between them the woman retaliated by throwing

her glass of beer at Scott. Scott then grabbed the woman's handbag,

attempting to throw it out of the window.

The drama, combined with great sets from comics 

Jaik Campbell, Lee Nelson,and The two Magicians,

led to a number of audience members telling me

it was the best comedy night they had ever been to.



Tuesday 20 May 2008 I was invited to the special opening night

 of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull in Leicester Square.

Security was very tight and among the many stars who were

there was my hero, John Hurt  who has a great role in the film.



Friday 23 May  2008 Award winning 

  Stephen Grant 


performed his first ever set at Monkey Business ,


and gosh was he good.


Saturday 24 May  2008 Award winning


Ed Byrne gave a very powerful first ever Monkey Business performance. 




Saturday 31 May  2008  Danny Mc Namara one of the two brothers from the rock band Embrace

enjoyed the many laughs tonight which included

 wonderful perfomances from Milton Jones,

Spencer Brown ,

and fab newcomer Catie Wilkins


Tuesday 16 June 2008

   I spoke with Harry Hill  who has put in a brand new Monkey Business date being Wednesday 9 July.The event will again be held at The Sir Richard Steele in Chalk Farm 


Saturday 21June 2008

Top actress Zoe Lister  who plays Zoe Carpenter in Channel 4s Holly Oaks told  me that she loved the the Monkey Business show tonight,and added that she would return

when not filming in Liverpool .


Monday 23 June 2008

A letter of encouragment

 Hi I've been recommended your club by a friend who was 

introduced by

another friend, I've been checking out the website and 

can't believe

the names you get down there. It would be like the Beatles turning up

in my local!

I  want to request for my name to be put forward for the Harry

Hill tickets. I know it's a long shot, but worth a

 try! Cheers from Jef Smith 


Thursday 3 July 2008 Our opening night at 

The Oxford Kentish Town

was a fantastic sucess with a smashing turn out for 

a first night there.

Friday 4 July and Saturday 5 July 2008

 Award winning 

Ed Byrne 

gave two excellent 1 hour Edinburgh preview 

performances .Ed Byrne was surpported by superb sketch group

 The Noise Next Door

 who also had everyone in fits of laughter.


Wednesday 9 July 2008 Harry Hill 

put in another wonderful performance at the club 

with his very special style of crazy humour.

The surport came again from excellent Lee Nelson

and entertaining Vikki Stone.The owner of the Steele`s 

was present with his partner who told  me that


 he had a fantastic time 


Thursday 17 July 2008 Perry Fenwick

 who plays 

Billy Mitchell

 in BBC1 East Enders enjoyed

 our Monkey Business new act 

night tonight .After the show I joined him

 to a private event at Boogaloos in Highgate 

where Noel Fielding   was the DJ.

Kate Moss was one of the many other stars 

that were there.

Saturday 20 July 2008 

 Lucy Porter & 

Reginald D.Hunter  both gave 

wonderful Edinburgh preview  performance`s tonight 

to a very lovely happy audience.


Saturday  26 July 2008  Edinburgh

Previews from 

 Rhod Gilbert  Jeff Green ,& 

+a set

from Mark Steel put everyone in a happy frame of mind.



 Saturday 2 August 2008  It was my birthday show tonight 

which was supposed to see Russell Howard 

on the bill,but his agent phoned just a few hours 


 the show to tell me that he felt too unwell to perform.

It was a huge challange to find the right replacement 

as most of the best acts were in Edinburgh.

 Angie McEvoy became the 

eventual replacement who stormed it



Thursday  7 August 2008 

Jon Culshaw   (Britain`s top impressionist star of Dead Ringers

 came to the

 Monkey Business New Act night tonight ,

and told me that he had a really nice time.



Thursday  14 August 2008

 The Camden Gazzette has a half page write up on the sucsess 

The Monkey Business .




Saturday  16  August 2008

 Russell Howard 

 star of Mock The Week and Never Mind The Buzzcocks 

 did an hour long set tonight ,and was in

 in excellent form 


Sunday 30 August 2008  I am on holiday in Florida. 

My mum was asked to dance in a Salsa night club by a 25 year old

Puerto Rican bi woman who tryed to come on to her. 

After a couple of dances the womanl rubbed herself up 

against my mum , flashing her boobs.

My mum commented that her boobs

 were nice making me wonder if there was a side of my my mother 

I am as yet to find out about .



 Friday  5 September 2008 


comedian Shelly Cooper is accused of being a racist

 at tonights Monkey Business show


This is a part letter from an unhappy punter,

Just wanted to say that I walked out due to the 

rude transvestite

comedian Shelly Cooper He was racist, a bigot 

and not funny




He turned on

 me and an other ethic minority  member

 in the

 audience, to the point where I will be complaining about his 

act to higher bodies. Comedy does not need another Bernard Manning

 and you supporting the act is inexcusable. 

Just Aceo Sent Sunday 7 September


As a comedy promoter I strongly believe in free speech ,

and cannot be held responsible for all the 

views expressed in my club I Don`t recall any remarks that I felt were offensive anyway.

Martin Besserman



Wednesday 11 September 

Harry Hill

  phoned me

 today to confirm his 

 Monkey Business 


 on Thursday 18  September.


Friday 13 September 2008 

The manager at the Steeles told me today that he 

would be very happy if i held our 2nd Stewart Lee gig on Friday 24 October 

also at the  Steeles venue.I am really happy about it.

   Stewart Lee




Thursday 18 September 2008 

Harry Hill 

  performed again at Monkey Business   

to another happy full   house



Saturday 20 September 2008.

Our last act was delayed so the 

audience members took



 in telling jokes from the stage 

untill his arrival all making for an 

interesting evening .


Saturday 27 September 2008 

Stewart Lee


 his first gig at 

Monkey Business in three years.

There was huge demand for this show .

Well the good news is that Lee has put in 

another date at the club on Friday 24



Thursday 2 October  2008 

Had a nice chat  with Paddy Ashdown


former Liberal party leader 

who told me that he had heard very good things about the club,

and that he would try to make one of our 



Saturday 4 October 2008  

I recieved  a  complaint about comic

 Alex Mapel from an audience member

 who objected very strongly to lex

 making a  joke about

 putting his wife in a porn film.


Thursday 9 October  2008 

 At our new act night tonight

 I was very touched by the performances of newcomers

Eve Webster      

and very fine singer  

Jenny Lockyer

with her funny silly songs so 

I have invited them both to perform at this

 Saturdays  show at the The 




Thursday 16 October 

 2008 A  poor performance by a new act simulation lovemaking 

with a female member of the audience sitting with her 

boyfriend left a very  sour taste in my mouth as it was very 


I am for freedom of expression,but If acts are that out of tune

 with   the 

 audience I really think they should forget about having 

any future in comedy.

The evening was lifted by top comic`s 

Lee  Nelson and 

Lewis Schaffer


  both made appearance`s to try out new material.


 Saturday 18  October 2008 

Patrick Monahan

 was the big star tonight.The audience loved  him.


Friday 24 Oct Stewart Lee

gave another 

excellent performance getting him a rare encore


Sunday 26 October 2008

I went to see Hamlet 2 starring Steve Coogan

on the opening night in Leicester Square.I laughed my head off.

Had nice chat afterwards with

Phil Jupitus 

& Paul Merton 


Saturday 1 November 2008

Omid Djalili   

gave a first ever powerful performance at the club



Thursday 17 November 2008

BBC TV filmed  at Monkey Business tonight for their highly popular

programme FREAKY EATERS. It will be on the telly early next year

 and will show me helping a young man Tom Ball who had never

 done stand up before into doing a 5 minute set.

Tom only knew this was to be his task just 1 hour before,

but did very well.


Saturday 22 November Reginald D Hunter 

 was fantastic tonight and so was

Milton Jones 



Thursday 27 November 2008 Top  actress Kelly Wenham famous for her film role in Life on Mars ,

and her parts in Coronation Street ,Holby City & Heart Beat enjoyed her evening at Monkey Business tonight.



Saturday 6 December 2008 stage Hypnotist Simon Candlish

 had to cut  his set short due to a lack of volunteers.

It was ashame as Simon is an amazing performer,

and good all round bloke.


Saturday 13 December 2008 Those gifted lads The Noise Next Door  

were once again in flying form tonight.