Monkey Business sentimental look back over 2006


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Monkey Business sentimental look back over 2006   

 Congratulations to all the people who had been picked out from a hat draw

 getting tickets for The Noel Fielding

Saturday 10th December 2005


 Just under One Thousand Four Hundred people applied for tickets for the gig .

  Many people told me that this was Noel`s best ever gig at Monkey Business,and I agree.

I was delighted on how the evening went.



 Feb 11 2006 The first act this year to be given a hard time was  comedian 

Richard Herring


when dealing with an Aussie woman who was talking thoughout his performance.The woman complained that Herring was rude,& unfunny ,and that her boyfriend`s 35th birthday had been spoilt,Richard jumped in the air with joy at her remark to loud cheers from his fans,and follower`s.


Thursday  16 Feb  2006 A great night. A Swedish woman named Anna in the audience took to the stage to sing a few wonderfully funny songs replacing a couple of open spot acts that failed to turn up.It was a real treat for all as Anna outstaged all before her getting the largest applause of the night.


Friday 17 Feb 2006  A grand evening as two big comedy names  

Dara O Briain  & Mark Steel

  performed on the same bill to a very delighted audience.


Monday 20 Feb 2006

   Monkey Business gets a fab write up by 

 highly respected Graham Simons, Online Editor 

I have been out to numerous comedy nights in and around north London, sometimes even venturing south of the river and I have to say Monkey Business is the best night out for comedy I have ever been to. The established comedy clubs of central London often make one feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Monkey Business is a more relaxed affair. Upon my visit I was treated to routines by Dara O'Brien and Mark Steel. It's the sheer variety that appeals to me. If someone suggests a comedy act that you've never seen before the risk is that for the whole night you'll have to sit there through an act that just isn't funny. There is no such risk associated with this club. The variety is there, there is a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and most importantly it's funny!


Thursday 23 Feb 2006

Top comic

Shappie Khorsandi  

has a full page write up in Time Out magazine in which she mentions that Monkey Business is her favourite club for being so cosy, intimate.


Saturday 11 March 2006 Oh dear,The back drop fell down during 

Jeff Green`s   performance , Superb humour from Jeff as I tried unsuccessfully to put it back up.



Saturday  25 March 2006  Will Smith  did a fantastic job in dealing with a drunk noisy woman in the front row.Wills mum who was at the show looked very proud of her son.


Saturday  29 April 2006  Russell Brand performed his third gig this year at Monkey Business ,now with a higher profile then ever before.The newspapers like writing about him - his many woman, his ex drug addiction, not forgetting that love affair he had with Kate Moss - are all making juicy reading for his thousand`s of fans. 




Friday 19 May 2006  

Harry Hill

 performed at the club  (The Islington Gazette have a whole page piece on Harry Hill`s Monkey Business  gig tonight .)



Wednesday 14 June 2006 Harry Hill 

 performed again at the club giving another magical performance. 


Saturday  1 July 2006

  England had  just lost in the world cup,making it harder to cheer up a fairly despondent crowd.

Perhaps I wont hold a show when football is on again


Friday 7 July 2006  Monkey Business gained its reputation back when the wicked combination of Rich Hall ,& Jeff Green both stormed it.


Wednesday 12 July 2006 Harry Hill   performed again to another happy full house.



Saturday 29 July 2006 That crazy  

Phil Nichol started his Edinburgh preview by snogging a very willing young German guy on stage. Phil became the first ever performer to perform  naked  as part of his latest show "The Naked Rascist." The young German who needed more excitement propositioned me to a kiss too, as I took to the stage but I declined his offer .I can`t help being  hetro sexual ,and choosy can I now?


Friday 11 AUGUST 2006 Howard Marks Aka Mr Nice  gave a smashing reading from his new book Senor Nice, and after took questions from the audience on his days as a drug smuggler,and being locked up. A really interesting evening.




Thursday 7 September 2006 Harry Hill  

 onece again gave the performance of his life.



Friday 8 September 2006  Most took the fact that Harry Hill had re_scheduled to Thursday 21 September well, staying to enjoy a fantastic night with Rob Derring Lee Nelson & Hal Cruttenden.



Thursday 21 September 2006 It was an odd situation as Harry Hill  who  had phoned  me 3 days ago to tell me that filming on his new TV  serious TV BURP had started before he thought it would meaning he wouldn't be able to appear tonight. I called up all the big boys to try to get the right replacement .Omid Djalli had agreed to step into Harrys shoes ,but also had to pull out last moment  because of a film reshoot, 

It was thanks to Will Smith who brought the house down.


Friday 22 September 2006 The owner of the Lush bar informs me that he has sold the bar .No warning was given to me.


Friday 29 September 2006 The show  tonight had to be postponed as the  Lush bar has now closed .Met the new owner today of what was the Lush who told me I can do the shows again when  the bar has been revamped. Instinct  tells me it ain't going to happen,and that he will join the  many owners , bar managers who have no idea how enjoyable having good live comedy shows  of Monkey Business`s reputation, are good  for  the image of their bar. Their loss.

 I waste no time in finding a new venue ,and I think I have a good situation . I meet the owner of  Solo Bar  in Inverness Street  just one minute away from old  Lush Bar venue. He knew all about Monkey Business and its success . I am at Solo  Bar as from tomorrow.


Saturday 30 September 2006. Monkey Business has a very successful start at its new air conditioned venue.Its a packed house ,and the owner is very pleased telling me that he wishes me to continue with my shows at  his bar. I am happy for the moment.

Friday 13 October  2006  Rich Hall   performed,and it was wonderful.


Saturday 14 October 2006 Because of a private event at Solo,Monkey Business was held tonight at a Chinese restaurant  in Park Way. Phil Nichol did not take his cloths off this time,but sang a  song about Chinese food which was great,Mike Wilmot also on the bill was fantastic


Saturday 21 October 2006 

A group  of young students at tonight's show included one  Israeli  woman and her  Palistinian friend.

When I mentioned that I was Jewish, the Palistinian woman gave me a long hug.

It was a rather moving experience.


Monday 13 November .The owner of Solo bar requested a meeting to tell me that my comedy punters are not spending enough meaning that I would have to leave his venue after 17 November.

I was shocked as over the last few weeks we have had really good turn outs. Once again I lose no time in finding a new venue,and  I find the perfect room for comedy .Up stair`s at O`Reilly`s in Kentish Town Road NW5. The bar manager is an ex actor who loved the idea of Monkey Business being at his bar. 


Saturday 18 November Our first show at O`Reilly`s went very well .



Friday  1 December Reginald D Hunter 

 Reginald D Hunter a Monkey Business regular has a  double page spread in the Evening Standard reporting that London Underground has banned  posters advertising Hunter`s  new show for fear of offending anyone. The OFFENDING WORDING on the  posters BEING NIGER.


Wednesday 13 December 2006.  Noel Fielding  last performed at Monkey Business 1 year ago. I gave him a call today to see if there was a chance of him returning to the club. I don`t want to raise false hopes ,but Noel`s exact words were that he would very much like to return to  perform at Monkey Business and that I should email him some possible dates.

Keep your finger`s cross for me, 

Today was also  the  day that Noel Fielding`s   la Mighty Boosh just got pipped by Little Britain to win at the British comedy awards


Harry Hill 

 however did beat Ant & Dec to win two major comedy awards ,

and Russell Brand was the winner of best new comic award.




Martin Besserman & Noel Fielding  playing with ducks on December 2005.

Beth Winslet (sister of Kate Winslet)  


Monkey Business has half page article in this weeks Camden Gazzette in connection with Beth Winslet`s time at the club.

Page 9.Wed 31st Jan 2007 addition   

Email from Beth Winslet

Kate Winslet`s sister 

Star of  Titanic, Holy Smoke & Little Children , 

Martin, I came on 8th sept and had a wkd time on my birthday(my friend and I spoke about doing something with you at some point....but Im sure you wont remember us!)...but Ive been crazy busy and have yet to return and see a gig. Ive been shooting a pilot for a comedy show called GUM!GUM! which is directed by Robert Llewelyn (red dwarf) and also Im half way through a very serious and depressing Italian Film! I love hearing all the monkey business news and will make sure that I frequent your venue in 2007! Best wishes, Beth Winslet and co. x Sent Dec 30 2006