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Camden Comedy Club

Thursday 3 January 2013

A wonderful first gig of the year included



and Tania Edwards

and Don Biswas


Saturday 5 April 2013

taking to the Monkey Business stage tonight were

Matthew Osborn

Bobby Mair

Aaron Twitchen

Evelyn Mok

Michelle de Swarte

Thursday 3 January 2013

A nice show with a packed house
included great performaces from
Anna Frank

and Glen Lenny Sherman


Saturday 12 January 2013


 was our great headline act tonight on a busy night


Sat 19 January 2013

A quite night due to tube problems and the snow

which included peformances from

Dan Antopolski

Josh Howie

Rob Heeny

Saturday 26 January 2013

A happy full house

enjoyed great performances from

Nick Doody

Daniel Simonsen

Sol Bernstien

 and fab newcomer school teacher

Mark Silcox


Thursday 31 January 2013

A good night witch included a performance from the brilliant

Nathan Caton

Saturday 2 February 2013

We had a full house wit a very hot bill and all having a fantastic time

 which included performances from

Live at the Apollo star



top magician




Carly Smallman

and maing is debut


Sean McLoughlin

Friday 8 February 2013

At a very posh hotel in Soho

here I am with top model from K9 Angels


Saturday 9 February 2013

Another sensational night with another full house.

OUR TOP SECRET GUEST was multi award winning stand up

 Adam Hills

who was top of the bill  ,and he was brilliant ,

Also on the line up was

Andy Zalzman

Paul Jones making his debut

was brilliant

 Maggy Whitehouse

and John Hastings

There was much laghter in the room

Thursday 14 February 2013

Valentines day Comedy

A fantastic night with many great performers which included



Pete Dillon-Trenchard


Richard Todd

Miss London Hughs


In photo left Glen Sherman Lewis Schaffer

Saturday 16 February 2013

Another full house with that included these acts

Nick Doody

 Brendan Dempsey

Ninia Benjamin

Aaron Twitchen

and Ian Stone

Thursday 21 February 2013

A good turn out with some really enjoyable performances

included  Candi Gigi


Saturday 23 February 2013

A good turn out

Our acts tonight were AVA VIDA

Hayley Ellis

Ahir Shar

Paul Jones


Thursday 28 February 2013

Lots of great acts tonight included

Luisa Omielan



Mark Silcox


Lenny Sherman

Saturday 2 March 2013

We again had a happy full house

These acts Glorious Monster

Christian Elderfield

David Jordan

Sarah Callagahan

Tania Edwards

made it a A sensational night of entertainment

Thursday 7 March 2013

 Luisa Omielan performed


Saturday 9 March 2013

A really enjoyable night and another happy full house




Cynthia Levin

Andy Storey


Thursday  14 March 2013

Here is a taste of the fun night that it was with some of the acts and others

Saturday 16 March 2013

It was almost a full house with very fine performances from

 Dalisio Chaponder and Jen Brister


A very happy audience on the night                                                                                 

 Mark Silcox

Mike Stanney                                                                   

Jon Levin

An old Swedish friend came to the club


Thursday 21 March 2013

A very nice show ,and below are some of the wonderful people who were involved.

Saturday 23 March 2013

Money Business had a super show ,and the woderful acts making it a perfect night included international superstar

Danish -Filipino comedin and magicin Sunny Cagra

Ava Vidal

Josh Howie

The Bag lady of Paddington Green,   

and Phil Wang

Monday 25 March 2013

The Chortle Awards in the West Ends  Cafe De Paris

Below are just a sample of people who were involved

Omid Djalili, Jo Brand ,Helen Flanagan,Bill Oddy, Harry Enfield ,The boy with tape on his face, Mick Miller            

Helen Flanagan ex Coronation Street star and me taken on the night /Helen Flanagan presenting an award



Thursday 28 March 2013

Another very pleasent evening

Below are some photos that I took of the many acts that performed tonight

Saturday 30 March 2013

Unlike last years Easter packed show we had a quite one ,perhaps thanks to parts of the Northern line being out of action

but the acts worked hard with good results

The performers were Joey Page Elliot Mason  Lewis Schaffer and Lou Saunders


Thursday 4 April 2013

A really smashing evening with superb acts that included

A set by Patrick Monahan


Saturday 6 April 2013

Again we were rather quite tonight, but it was a fun show

with Sol Benstein as the headliner

and other acts included

Miss London

Elizabeth Scott

Mssive Dad

Lenny Sherman


Abi Roberts


Saturday 13 April 2013

A busy interesting night of entertainment which included
A superb five peice French dance group that stormed it

South Africa`s LOYISO GOLA
Ian Cognito
Stefan Gaphausen              

A Finnish couple being forced to kiss by Stefan Gaphausen

audience on night


Thursday 18 April 2013

some photos taken tonight

Saturday 20 April 2013

Our performers tonight were



 Jonny Lennard

Sarah Callagahan ,Richard Todd

were the performers tonight


Thursday 25 April 2013

34 Norwegian students were amongst our audience that enjoyed

A wonderful night of entertainment with some very funny performers which included



Darren Davies                                       

Teacher from Norway and Harry Deansway           


Harry Deansway                                                      

Tom Hensby

Dom Lister

Bryan Ghosh

Saturday 27 April 2013
 a really fantastic show with superb performances from






Sunday 28 April 2013

Here I am at Speakers Corner today


Thursday 2 May 2013

Although it was quite it was a special night

Here are some of the acts that performed tonight

Swedish superstar MAGNUS BETNER                       


 Luke Toulson

Maxine Jones                           Patrick Lee


Aleksander Svenning                                                               Miranda Kane                   


Glen Sherman                                                         Andy Storey



                                                                  Stephen Bailey


Lewis Schaffer is trying his luck with both mother and daghter

Saturday  4 May 2013

A smashing busy superb night

with Geoff Boyz

Steve Hall


Dan Moss

Harriet Kemsley

Jenifer Berlander

Rod Maillux


Thursday 9 May 2013

A funny lot of people included


Saturday 11 May 2013

A quite night but  fantasic show with

           Jen Brister                       Liam Spiers                               Malice                  Rod Maillux           



Sunday 12 May 2013

Jewish Charity show a good night


   Bennett Aaron                Elliot Mason                         


Saturday 18 May 2013

One of the very best atmosphers  this year with a truly wonderful audince

and fine performances from



 SCOTT CAPURRO       Jenna Wimshurst


and Luke Stephen


Thursday 23 May 2013

A fairly decent turn up came to see some of these acts tonight


Saturday 25 May 2013

International football,bank holiday meant we were very quite night

Our acts tonight were

wild man IAN COGNITO

Cynthia Levin
   Nick Dixon                   Stu Turner

  Tom Appleton                                                                                                                        


Thursday 30 May 2013


Liam Speirs  Lewis Schaffer,Stephani Lang,,Peter dooley ,Josh Dolin ,Rose-Linn Jensen  Gareth John Leighton Cuff Andrae Alexzander,John Muphy Danna Wills, Andy King ,Kevin Groarke James Masters & Harry Higgens


Saturday 1 June 2013

The sun made it a quite night ,but still it was a very enjoyable show with Dave Mills as guest MC

Ava Vidal ,Julian Dean ,and Harriet Kemsley


Thursday 6 June 2013

It was a fairly well attended night despite the warm night

with some superb performers that included

 IAN SMITH doing his Edinburgh preview

top Danish comic Brian Mørk making a rare British appearance

Lewis Schaffer

Katie Lane

Rachel Gleeves

Luc Frensh

Tory Gillespie

Mitchell De Swart

Sofie Hagen

Joshua Ross


Saturday 8 June 2013

A nice evening with a larger number of comics performing then usual.

It was controversial when a man expessed his objection to holocoust material being used by the brilliant


and these were the other acts that performed

BRIAN MøRK Danish TV star

Steve Budejar

Sofie Hagen

 Amir Khoshokhan

Glen Sherman

and Liam Speirs



Wednesday 26 June 2013

Viv Groskop at her book signing last night in Soho house.Her book called I LAUGHED .I CRIED about the highs and lows of being a stand up comic has got rave reviews .(cocktail drinks were kindly paid for by Viv ,and I got a little drunk)


Thursday 27 June 2013

A pleasent evening which included these acts

 Joe Rowntree

 Ed O'Meara ,Christopher Betts,, Louise Bee, Karen White, Haran Rasalingam, Katie Lane, Scott Symes, Glynn Jones Laura Carr,  Ed O'Meara 


Saturday 29 June 2013

The very charming Fumbi Omotago,

Joel Domett, Cate Mackenzie & The Love Fairies Jan and Fredrick and Don Biswas


Thursday 4 July 2013
 performances from

Lewis Schaffer ,Sofie Hagen Tez Iiyas, James Veitch, Trine Monk ,Ian Lane ,Kyle Wallace, Gatis Kandis


Saturday 6 July 2013

A full house for the first time in a while with

Richard Herring and Lucy Porter

Saturday 13 July 2013
 a very hot day
 STEVE HUGHES set & CARY MARX + Australia's Comedy Juggling  JAMES (BuSTAR)   Sofie Hagen


Thursday 18 July

A fantastic night with a reasonable turn up on a very hot night

The acts included

 Multi Award-winning Matt Forde did his Edinburgh preview

Gratis Candis was so popular he got to do his I am a staight guy song twice

 Lilly Lang at 23 performed her 6th gig and she has got something there I thought

Francoise Gordon performed a good set based around her a car crashing into her twelve years ago.

A punter liked her planning to take her out for dinner if she agrees

Thanyia Moore was classy

Miles Beckwith was posh and amusing

Kates Bush were good fun

 ,Jimbo was very funny tonight with his mad pigon story

John Murphy 


Saturday 17 August 2013

Ross Lee 

Sara Mason

Ellie Gibson

Andrew Storey


 and Miles Beckwith

Saturday 24 August 2013
 Adi Knight gifted charmer
Sara Mason 
Kate Weston very amusing Hackney girl
Olli Bettesworth cool  comedy
Suzy Wilde 
Ross McGrane cheeky chap from South End and excellent
The Bag lady of Paddington Green
Lenny Sherman funny cockney fellow —

Saturday 31 August
A fairly decent crowd enjoyed a number of acts  which included
Elliot Mason,Toby Muresianu ,and 17 year old Elliot Steel who is Mark Steel`s son
Thursday 5 Sep 2013
A fun night with many acts that included Lewis Schaffer
and magician David Clavens
Friday 6 September 2013
 SINGLES COMEDY NIGHT We had a wonderful evening with much laugher and love in the room
The acts included David Mills ,Christian Elderfield, Sarah Callaghan ,Cynthia Levin,,Gatis Candis,
John Davoren and International Love Coach Cate Mackenzie ,and Love Fairies
Saturday 7 September 2013
Another wonderful well attended evening with
Andy Zalzman, Carly Smallman ,Ingrid Dahle,Maggy Whitehouse, David Jordan ,Peter Beckley
Thursday 12 September  2013
A nice evening with,
Lewis Schaffer David Clavens,Diarmuid Corr Tom Ollerton,,Ash Frith,,Michael Costello,Stella Graham,Glynn Jones,
Katie Lane, Josh Dolin ,Cash Boyle and The Bag Lady
Saturday 14 September 2013
Ava Vidal was our headline act tonight
Saturday 21 September 2013
An excellent evening with a happy atmosphere with
Bobby Mair,Anil Desai,Don Biswas Javier Jarquin,Tom Ollerton

Thursday 28 September 2013
It was another superb night
Lewis Schaffer,Holly Burn, Russell Gregory,Robin Cousins,Gordon,Bryan,
Lee Green,Lauren Karl, Alice Frick, Tom Rochester ,Michael Stanney,Lulu Reubens,Sam Deards,Sacha Ryder

Thursday 3 October
Monkey Business fun night was very busy with
Rohan Agalawatta ,Joe Rowntree,Sian Robinson Davies,
,Ian Wild, Anand Medha,,Rob Thomas,Cerrie Hodgson,
,Harry U Eldrich 
Thursday 17 October 2013
A sweet couple celebrated their 49th aniversary t Monkey Business
holding hands throughout the who show .It was very moving to see .
Friday 18 October 2013
My very popular good friend and highly popular comic and actor sadly passed away today.
He was one of the nicest and kindest people I had ever met oten given me good advice and even my mum advice
RIP Felix Dexter ,you will not be forgotten

Felix Dexter