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Blog 2014



Denise                                                                                                                            Patrick Monhan


Sophie Hagen                                                                                                                        Jen Brister


Saturday 25 January 2014 

A happy full house with some super high profile perormers 

including a secret set from                                                                                              

Lee Nelson




Saturday 1 February 2014

Another supeb show with wonderful perfomances from

Arthur Smith ,Javier Narquin ,Pat Cahill, James Viech and Helen Thorn

Martin Besserman Arthur Smith                                                         


Arthur Smith


Javier Harquin                                                                                                           Pat Cahill



Pat Carhill



Friday 14 February 2014

We had a wonderful Valentines Special which included

Lee Nelson performing a secret set and =Julian Deane 

Laura Carr


Saturday 15 February 2014

Another wonderful night with

Award- winning CHRISTIAN SCHULTE LOH  , and Jonny Kats


Amir Khoshan


Saturday 23 February 2014

A happy ull house with a room full of laughter

Acts included Zoe Lyons  Jay Forman, Gatis Candis ,David Wall

Julian Deane


Saturday 1 March 2014

A good night with

Nathan Caton

Aaron Twitchen

In Cahoots 

Alex Strum

James Veitch


photos taken Saturday 8 March 2014

It was an excellent show

Nish Kumar                                                                              Bambam Sheik

Njambi McGrath                                                                                    


Carey Marx  


Saturday 15 March 2014

Lee Nelson headlined and was brilliant as ever

David Jordan                                                                                                           


Mitchelle De Swarte

Janes Vietch



Thusday 20 March 2014

 Lewis Schaffer

Johnny Kats 

Richard Soames

Nailika De Silva

Sean Bennett ,Ben Bridge

Simone Keunen 

Sunna Jarman

 Lenny Sherman

were the acts that took place tonight .


Saturday 22 March 2014

What a night

Big TV star from the eighties Bobby Davro was our headline act ,and making it all very especially exciting was that I managed to get in touch with his co star of THE eighties Copy Cats Jessica Martin.I haden`t seen her since 1986 ,but she has kepted very active with comic drawings as well as acting in West End productions like Spamalot.She also briefly took to the stage with Davro

Here are some photos taken from the night

Bobby Davro (Jessica Martin in middle                                        Bobby Davro

Bobby Davro & Martin Besserman                                        

 Brian Gittens

   Mitchelle De Swarte                                                             Kate Lucas


Kate Lucas


Wednesday 25 March 2014

Bobby Davro aceptedmy invite to the chortle awards ,and it turned into something much bigger for him ,as I organized with Steve Benett of Chortle that Davro should host one of the awards .I joined Bobby in the VIP area

Friday 28 March 2014

Our singles night attracted many more girls then guys


The story of Cliff Richard and Monkey Business gets front page on Chotle

 London's Monkey Business comedy club has been taken in by a man who claimed Sir Cliff Richard wanted to try his hand at stand-up, kicking off with a mere two-hour gig. Owner Martin Besserman was convinced that Eithne Pozzi was the singer's personal assistant, even though he misspelled his alleged boss's surname 'Richards' more than once. 'Sir Cliff is famous for his hit singles like Congratulations. Cliff would like to try his hand at stand up .Would you be interested in having Sir Cliff performing stand up set at Monkey Business,' Pozzi emailed. After Bessman said yes, he replied: 'Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Sir Cliff Richard is sitting opposite me right now and has given me a big thumbs up. A big thumbs up and a smile that could light up Lisbon.' Pozzi swore Besserman to secrecy, but the promoter couldn't help but post the news on his Facebook page, promoting a telling off: 'Oh Martin - that was very unprofessional, PLEASE DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE ABOUT THIS. Sir Cliff Richards is now having a serious rethink.' The next day he repented: 'OK Martin, Sir Cliff Richard has said, "These things happen. Martin is clearly the man."' Pozzi then asked for the two-hour slot, but to maintain secrecy wanted to be listed as 'Sir Harry Webb' – Cliff's real name, and not exactly a secret. Eventually Besserman twigged, after Pozzi refused to hand over any sort of contact number. 'Sir Cliff Richards is not happy we have to be so cautious,' he posted. 'Jesus be with you.'

Saturday 29 March 2014

A superb night with a warm loving audience

to great performances from 

Lee Nelson

Will Franken                                                                                 

Trine Monk

Ruth Cockburn                                                                    

     Wes Zaharuk

Steve Hall ,

Saturday 5 April 2014

It  was another very enjoyable night with Lee Nelson+ Marlon Davies + Dan Clark Evelyn Mok + Trine Monk ,Şaban Kâzım and InCahoots 


Saturday 19 April 2014

Rachel Parris ,and  and Kate Mckenzie and the love faries were among the great acts.



Thursday 18 September 2014

Reginald D Hunter performed a top secret set 


Saturday 25 October 2014 

A brilliant debut performance from

The Pajama Men


Saturday November 8 2014

A wonderful comedy night which included




New Years Eve 2014

Like last year I held three New Years Eve shows which were all very well attended .

It was reported that the shows at both CoCobamboo and Sir Richard Steele went well .

Unfortunatly our show at The Oxford was spoilt for some by chatting drunks .

who refused to belt  up regardless of being requested to do so many times.

I am trying to get hold of everyone who attended that show to be given free tickets for another show of choice.

In terms of quality acts Monkey Business could hardly be beaten . 

Lee Nelson performed a secret gig at all three venues to everyone`s huge delight . 

The line ups also included Patrick Monahan ,Christian Shulte Lau , and other enjoyable acts.

We also booked 80`s star at The Oxford to sing,and she got them all dancing / 

We also included a free veggie buffet to provide extra value.


It was our last night at The Sir Richard Steele after 10 years of bringing lots of laughter