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PRESIDENT OBONJO   at Monkey Business Comedy Club
warm funny entertaining unique PRESIDENT OBONJO His name is President Obonjo. He was born in Liverpool to Nigerian parents. His Dad is from Akure and his Mum is from Warri. President Obonjo arrived in Nigeria in the early 70’s and left for the UK in 1985. Obonjo has been home twice since he left but has keept in touch with the state of the nation through social media and his fan base in Nigeria. President Obonjo, has been holding sway in the comedy world outside Nigeria, particularly in his country of birth where he currently resides (England). Through his sheer tenacity of purpose in what he knows how to do best, he has undoubtedly taken comedy to another phase through the use of animations, audio/audio-visual displays and other creative graphics all for the entertainment of his teeming fans especially those on Facebook,Youtube and other medium of mass communication. From a recent survey Obonjo has successfully broken the jinx of making comedy only a task that can be exhibited on stage but a brain tasking initiative poised at ameliorating stress in people, to make them unwind irrespective of where they are, be it parties, shows, retreats, seminars, on the internet (facebook), radio, television, print media etc. The only Social media comedian to run for Presidency to meet Obama, Clintion through photoshop, To use Social media to launch a Comedy Career. President Obonjo has become a successful comedian because of his innovative use of the internet to engage with Lafta addicts online. The internet was part of an overall digital strategy that has turned thousands of supporters to embrace obonjomania. Now thousands are hooked on a daily dosage of Lafta and Obonjomania pill.
Chris McGlade.
Award winning actor /top comedian CHRIS McGLADE Redcar comedian Chris McGlade has spent thirty years working everywhere from the unforgiving working mens clubs in the North of England, all the way to the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood comedy store, to London's west end where he had the main role of 'George' the boxing coach in ''Billy Elliot the musical'' and into Ken Loaches Bafta/Palm D'or winning film "I Daniel Blake". His 2017 Edinburgh show 'Infant Hercules' was critically acclaimed and his London show "The Comedy Happening" was included in Chortles top ten most memorable gigs of 2017 ahead of Ricky Gervais, and a whole raft of tv comedians who failed to make the top ten. Chris forged his working class, now politically based comedy after fighting a political campaign in his home town of Redcar against the local authority there and the countries biggest house builder Persimmon Homes. He beat them in 2010 in the House of Lords and changed the law in England regarding open spaces. He also stood as an independent candidate for Redcar in the 2005 general election, as part of his political campaign and came fourth with 2379 votes, the seventh highest fourth place in the country in that general election. Now, this Teesside born North preacher comic is gearing up to return to the Fringe. His brand new, no holds barred show, ''Northern Monkey''. looks at how the South of England is prejudiced towards the rest of the country as McGlade hilariously rips the guts out of political correctness and the status quo.. 'A unique voice- a must for any comedy aficionado' Bruce Dessau London Evening standard ***** ‘weaponised comedy, locked and loaded. It is awesome’ Kate Copstick The Scotsman **** 'Come the next revolution, McGlade could be the next Alexei Sayle’ Steve Bennett editor of Chortle **** This is whole-hearted stuff that takes me back to the days when comedy was all loud with anger and flat with northern vowels. He wellies into his set with an infectious enthusiasm and an obvious love for the job. And this with an audience of four. I would like to see McGlade - an impressive, old-fashioned, pointy, shouty comic - with a great big audience to point and shout at. Kate Copstick, The Scotsman. ***
DON BISWAS at Monkey Business Comedy Club
political comedian DON BISWAS
GATIS KANDIS  at Monkey Business Comedy Club
Britain`s Got Talent`s bonkers act GATIS KANDIS
MARTIN BESSERMAN  at Monkey Business Comedy Club
MARTIN BESSERMAN entertains as host
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