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blog 2017

NEW YEARS EVE 2016/2017

I held shows at both Holiday Inn Camden 

which was excellent with superb feedback .

and also at Cafe Rouge Hamptead which I recived good feedback regarding the show ,but 

a unfortunatly the buffet which i was not responsible for did not live up to expectaions for some .


Johnathan Gee playing jazz /and other photos taken from the night


Saturday 7 January 2017

Rayguns Look Real Enough stormed it as our headline act tonight

Tuesday 9 January 2017

The Evening Standard voted Monkey Business one of the best comedy clubs in London calling us 

a first rate comedy club worth travelling for .

Saturday 14 January 2017 

Howard the regular got up to sing a 60`s song bt The Seachers

and it was a lovely gig including

Russell Hicks


Ian Cognito  and Sindu Vee

Saturday 28 January 2017

We had a full house and a really wonderful show . Thank you to all the acts that performed .Tom Houghton from the Noise Next Door fame gave his first solo performance at the club which was hugely enjoyable ,Lauren Pattison who will soon perform on the same bill as John Bishop was both funny and delightful Daniel Simonsen always gives a performance from his heart .Jay Foreman and Joey Page and our jazz musician all helped to make it a perfect evening of Monkey Business entertainment.


Saturday 4 February 2017

It was quiter then recent shows but it was still a fun night Daniel Simonsen, David Tsomas,Arron Levin 


Saturday 11 February 2017

Monkey Business enjoyed a really sensational night with lots and lots of laughter in the room .All acts were fantastic .There was hysterical drama when Mark Felgate from Men in coats entrance tripped on stage breaking a table making a speaker falling over ...Yep a really good night .


 Saturday 18 February 2017  A full house and a very nice show photos below

Joe Wells, Kate Smurthwaite,Jake Howie,David Jordan Ingrid Dahle


Saturday 25 February 2017 

Excellent show which included wonderful performances from Jonny Awsum, Michael Fabbri, Marcello the magician, Jake Baker and David Mitchell


Saturday 4 March 2017 

A very lovely show with great performances from all the acts 

James Veitch                          Ethan Lawrence                    Elliot Steel                          Julian Howell


Saturday 11 March 2017

Had a chat with internationally know magician Dynamo 

who said he might be up for a secret unlisted gig at the club

Martin Besserman /Dynamo


Saturday 11 March 2017

Monkey Business enjoyed a full house but our show was a little tricky and challnging in places 

with last minute additional act of Italian magician Marcello not to evryone`s cup of tea . Our opening act Lauren Patison was hugely enjoyable

and our headline act Sindhu Vee stormed it however leaving most people leaving on a high .


Thursday 23 March 2017 

Lewis Schaffer the star of the show 

finding comfort in bald mans head


Saurday 8 April 2017

A nice evening headlined by

Sol Bernstein                         Kate Lucas               Jurga Sakalauskaite     Ethan Lawrence

Saturday 15 April 2017

We had another very lovely Monkey Business show with a warm atmosphere .Pippa Evans was hysterical , Daisy Earl & Tom Houghton were also in excellent form and newbies Elizabeth Scott & Ted Hill got plenty of laughs too. 
Howard a regular at the club was as funny as the acts with his occasional heckling .


Saturday 22 April 2017

Monkey Business enjoyed another lovely show in Hampstead .
with very nice performances from all the acts .
I received a number of compliments regarding the show .

Elliot Mason ,        Kate Smurthwaite                   Graunold McGyver       Alex Kealy 


Thursday 27 April 2017

AFTERNOON at Jewish Care Westcliff Southend Essex .I put on their very first comedy show with Lewis Schaffer and Lynn Ruth Miller .Most of the audience were in their mid eighties .Lewis found his audience more challenging then usual but the funniest moment was when he asked an 86 year old heckling woman if she would do him to which she replied no .I rather have a cup of tea she declared .84 year old comedian Lynn Ruth Miller was a big hit with her charming funny story-telling .Photos below


Saturday 6 May 2017

Monkey Business 
It was an electric atmosphere with excellent performances from Jenny Collier ,Ian Smith and Ben Clover in the first half ,Our 2nd half saw the laughter continue with fine performances from Lucy Pearman, Jake Baker ,and Julius Howe 


Saturday 13 May 2017

We had an excellent Monkey Business show with some really wholesome sets .Six acts, lots of laughter in the room ,audience went home smiling 


Saturday 27 May 2017

Truly excellent performances from Ava Vidal  ,Darren Altman , Jacob James Garcia & Alex Kealy 



Sunday 28 May 2017 

In afternoon I went along with my mum and friend Biba to see my good friend of many years Jessica Martin in her lead roll as Bea Asher in Ballroom at The Waterloo East theatre .Wow ,It was such a beautiful charming production full of song dance and soul .You just never wanted it to end .
The audience were treated afterwards to something very special being that the composer of the music Billy Goldenberg joined the cast to take questions ,and tell wonderful story's about his life. 
 Afterwards I met up with Jessica for a chat .Jessica might be attending the Monkey Business show in early July which stars Bobby Davro our mutual friend .(Last time at Monkey Business Jessica Martin joined Bobby Davro on stage . .After the show we went to a lovely nearby Cuban restaurant to eat and my mum hit the dance floor to salsa .


Saturday 10 June 2017

We had an excellent Monkey Business showlast night with an electric atmosphere with almost a full house wih



Saturday 1 July 2017 

 LAST NIGHTS Monkey Business show .was electrifying and pure joy from start to finish Four year old Lily our youngest ever performer took the stage first to sing ,The crowd went wild with joy ,and her daddy was rightly proud , We had 15 mins of live jazz followed by Darren Altman with his superb impressions .Then it was time for our first of two previews .Daniel Simonsen was in the form of his life ,and I witnessed at least two people with tears in their eyes from laughter .Our closing act was Abandoman`s Rob Broderick with his brand new show and everybody just loved it .


Saturday 22 July 2017

LAST NIGHT at Monkey BusinessOur international comedy event turned out to be sensational .Many thanks to all the performers who contributed to the excellent atmosphere with much laughter Scott Capurro ,Christian Schulte-Loh ,Francesco De Carlo ,Liz Miele., Vahid Jahangard Inder Manocha.


Saturday 5 August 2017

 Clark Peterswho wrote the play Five guys named Moe and  is a very well known writer director ,actor was our high profile guest tonight He has also acted in huge hit films like The Wire, Notting Hill ,Mona Lisa ,and more recently Bad Education .It was a pleasure to have him and his wife Penny at our show last night which they loved .Our headline act was Scott Capurro 


Thursday 31 August 2017

Spent a very nice evening with

Faulty Towers ledgend John Cleese 


Saturday 9 September  2017

Monkey Business had a sensational night with a number of great comedy performances .Our audience loved it .Thanks  to Nick Doody Al Lubel Scott Capurro Chris Murphy Ariane Sherine


Saturday 16 September 2017

Last night`s Monkey Business was just perfect .
Our sold out show had a purely electric atmosphere with excellent performances .Our audience was treated to an amazing experience .
The acts Rhys Nicholson., Anuvab Pal, Hurt & Anderson ,Darius Tabatabai , Josiah Norris


Saturday 7 October 2017 

Monkey Business was just superb Acts all gave  excellent performances .

Alasair Beckett -King Kate Shortt al Lubel Sindhu Vee

A high profile QC related to actor Anthony Hopkins was one of our audience members last night


Saturday 21 October 2017

Last night Monkey Business had a wonderful sold out headliner Aussie camp comedian Rhys Nicholson gave an electric performance storming it 

 Rhys Nicholson                          Jenny Collier                          Jamie Oliphant

and there were super performances also from Jenny Collier and Jamie Oliphant


Saturday 28 October 2017 


Monkey Business was totally excellent .This batch of photos are of Bobby Davro who gave a one hour incredible performance .Some audience members had tears of joy as the unique & gifted man pumped out gag after gag after gag .It was so non PC but everyone just loved him and rewarded Bobby with a standing ovation .(That`s something that has never happend before at my club ..Rayguns Look Real Enough were purely excellent too and received a rare encore for the hilarious songs .Lenny Sherman and Al Lubel also stormed it ./It was a proper great night of highly talented performers and I thank them all for huge efforts.Haha Bobby Davro called me about for a chat about the gig which he loved as much as everyone else who was present 


Saturday 18 November 2017 

It was another one of the special shows with a warm atmosphere ..A giving enthusiastic audience ,great performances and plenty of laughter in the room .Thank you to Kate Smurthwaite Jenny Collier Mark Felgate Chris McGlade & Titus for all making it such a lovely evening .


Sunday 24 December 2017

Jeff Garlin from curb your enthusiasm performed at Monkey Business last night and absolutely stormed it .Audience members were ecstatic .What a nice guy .